Monday, December 14, 2009

Greg Pearson on an 11 foot pig!

Greg Pearson sent this to me via I am so stoked when this blog actually serves a purpose.

"Mike ! This blog is so fing AMAZING ...For about a decade now I’ve been grabbing and riding every golden era logg I can get my mitts on. Some definitely better than others. Last year I picked up a early 60s pop out (surfrider from santa ana). Typical horror story condition wise- no delams just decades of hacked repair work. You name it and it was on this board: bondo, p-tex, slip check, gel coat, paint, suncure globs. Looking past all of that were a few things that sealed the deal for me: rolled bottom, pig outline, d fin, and heavy as F.  In all the years of gliding on heavy loggs, this one is the beast of all beasts. Anyways, since grabbing it, and have been working odd nights in my workshop to get her back into somewhat presentable condition. All the while I’ve been toiling, I’ve been wondering- where can I find some info about how these things ideally go together? I’m no copycat- just quietly looking for inspiration, images, feedback etc. Searched on swaylocks for a few days- quickly realized I’m not really on the same wavelength as those guys. So I pretty much gave up looking. Then, BAM- Yesterday I found you blog. So psyched. Just wanted to say thanks. I hadn’t been taking any photos of the board or of the repair process so far, because I didn’t think there was a place our outlet for anyone who’d give a shit really! I’ll get you a before and after photo once I’m done. I wish I was restoring something of greater significance- but for what its worth I am so amped to find someone else as charged as I am about these things. Now I’m going to drink more coffee at night and fast track it. I want to ride this thing more than ever now. Lacking those photos at the moment- here are two shots of a different pig (11’) that’s in my collection- from swells we’ve been graced with recently. Hope you dig them. Thank you so much for creating this resource. Fully subscribed to your program.Greg... Ps jazz the glass is the raddest ever."

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