Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greetings from NJ!!

jd sent me this via
"hey gnar - love the blog & I just wanted to share with you my first vintage board which happens to be a pig. enjoy the pics! i'm enjoying the ride - this shape turns great. jd" upon further inquiry... "Hey Mike - I just got the board on Sunday from a shop in Lavallette, NJ - hence the local sticker (which is super cool). The story behind the board is the original owner from Lavallette bought the board in California when he was going to college out there. I saw it posted on the shop's used boards section without a picture - 9'10" G&S in good riding condition, fair wall hanging condition - $125. I've always wanted a 9'10" since that's my birthday and I thought - if it's a pig and in said condition then it's a definite. Sure enough I got to the shop and there she was in her wide hip and narrow nosed glory bearing a serial # 3750. For someone with a really foiled 9'5" the board looked heavy and massive in the racks. When I pulled it out though it wasn't as heavy as I thought (clear and sanded) and the slim nose made it look even manageable for me at around 160lbs. I picked it up right then and took her out up the block from the shop right away. It was 2 foot sectiony mush but the water was warm and I was stoked to be on my first vintage board, a pig nonetheless. It was 2 foot mush but I got to get a feel for it and was surprised to find it was alot easier to ride than I had imagined. Today was waist high peelers and it went off in the turning department. Just buttery smooth and low swing weight goodness - it's even keeping me from wanting to get up to the nose! If I get some action shots I'll send 'em over." ULTRA SICK!!

ULTRA NICE!! how is that FIN?!! you scored for $125.


  1. Awesome score jd. I was looking for this board when I was in LBI back in July! Get that thing into some waves.

  2. Thanks CG! You knew about this exact board floating around LBI?? crazy...

    Too excited to get it out right away , I should let it dry out and give a proper fixing to the dings. This is gonna be a long time rider for sure.

    IDK much about fins and theory but this one feels good! Love the front angle/round back goin' on.