Saturday, September 19, 2009

Slide Magazine's feature of STOKE FILMS, LLC

SLIDE magazine has done an article about STOKE FILMS, LLc. Ryan Smith looked us up upon Chad Marshall's suggestion (thanks Chad!!). I am proud to have been interviewed by this publication. Sure it is an ego boost, how couldn't it be... this magazine is SICK!! contact if you want a copy. Look for them in shops too. Some book stores should have them on the rack through out Christmas. The article basically breaks down the motivations that lead to INVASION! from planet C and ultimately gave birth to Jazz the Glass. My good buddy Jon Steele took the photos in the article.
i am revisiting this post today nov. 18 to tell a story. inside this magazine i mention a costa rica trip with chad, matt wesson, jon steele and I.  STOKE FILMS,LLC bought planet tickets for Matt, Chad , Jon Steele and myself. the purchasing of these tickets is what gave me the idea that we (matt,chad, jon and I) were filming for our upcoming STOKE FILMS,LLC  project..... well that and the fact that we traveled, partied, and roomed together. it seems that chris klopf thought differently. he read the magazine article and thinks its a lie. I am trying to figure out if he thinks he bought the tickets. this email exemplifies the type of person he was when we kept bumping into him in costa rica. it is SUPER FUNNY to be in some "surf industry" drama. the funny thing is, when Ryan came to chris to see about some photos for the magazine, chris wouldn't have anything to do with SLIDE , now after seeing the finished, distributed project, he is all up in their @ss. this entire situation is silly. I wish Chris health and happiness. he has taken some AMAZING surf photos. Chris Klopf's version of the story is below:

".... Basically i went to costa rica to meet up with Chad Marshall, Jared Mell, and Mikey Detemple (a trip we'd been planning for months) Chad told me at the last minute he was meeting some guys for some kind of spoof movie, and i told him 'whatever', that i didn't really care. Then i read the interview how i was poaching photos of Chad, and following them around. that is a blatant lie..... Chad and Jared have been coming to Costa with me for photos the past 3 years in a row, and it was basicallly these guys that poached my guys, used the stuff in their idiotic film, along with that babbling interview and some other uses. i told them at the time that i didn't care if they shot my guys, and to thank me they turn it around and slander me in an internationally distributed magazine. I'm really not stoked about this, & to say that i'm pissed off is kind of an understatement.. 
take it easy, regards, Chris Klopf"

i suppose its slanderous to state that Chris has taken some amazing photos.

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