Thursday, September 17, 2009

squire surfboards and the pig!!


  1. ...yes, as a surfboards
    but you know, surfboards have been changing a bit in the past 40 years

    I understand the concept about some classic lboards but is and WAS general consensus that the D fin is a bad design

    yes, looks fantastic in those shapes, but really dont work
    a truly advantage is change the fin

  2. disagree with reverb on the D fin design
    maybe original piggies had some troubles but shapers have learned things, if theyre smart shapers, and refined
    jim put my D fin up a little more, not all the way on the tail, and it's fast, turns easy
    all in design and knowledge i guess

  3. exactly. who ever says this or that ELEMENT of design doesn't work has just blew takes a combination of elements to make or brake a board. it should read "all the D fin boards I have ever surfed have not been agreeable with my surfing style" . either that or "hi . kook i am. D fin work bad" or something like that.

  4. "Consensus" ? Hey Verb, the violin has not changed in several hundred years, you have any improvements for it? Saying a D fined board doesn't work dismisses every surfer from the 1960's and prior that rode em, had fun and elegantly slid there way into every well ridden wave we all emulate today, and all of us who enjoy the feel of the design today. I could go on and on with examples but what's the point. It's a stupid comment, plain and simple.