Monday, September 28, 2009


Me to the craigslist person selling this board => "You are trying to sell this board right? What about some rocker shots, perhaps a fin shot. I mean you went through the trouble to shoot the thing anyway. You are asking $1000." My buddy Phil of SLIDERS brought this to my attention:
"Very nice classic, bought 5 years ago from the original owner. He is local to La Jolla and ordered this board in '67 even though I have been told it has a '64 fin. I guess that's what he wanted. The board was stored in his garage for ever, right at WINDANSEA. Has some sand wear on the fin from dragging. Deck shows dirty due to wax. Measures 9'10", 21 1/2" and 16" a foot from the nose and tail. Has original repairs to the nose, tail and 3 small rail dings. But still is very, very clean. Nearly no sun damage. Very classic off center triple orange pin line. And dbl redwood stringer with blue glue lam. Also triple cardiff logos. email"

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