Thursday, October 8, 2009


Pliny the Elder gave hops its scientific name. Pliny the Elder beer tastes so good it is DANGEROUS. Like ROCKERS DANGEROUS.
Thanks surfore for the reminder of DANGEROUS TIMES!!! BLAST IT!!!! Thanks be to the death weezel for getting the following shots of the pre- cooperfish calendar party. In addition to the Pliny's we had Lone Star, Pabsts, and Jim Beam!!! Steve Brom in the house!!!

like THAT!!


  1. pliny so good
    cuz it's made in NorCal baby
    been known for quite some time in these parts

  2. word! i first came across the shit at Toronado SF. back in Jan 2006. the shit is good, i am pumped we get it down here as regularly as we do. i'd be ruined if i lived a walking distance from russian river brewery. have you read pliny's book? I did. that book is NUTS. it is amazing how well that book goes with the beer.

  3. dude i need to check out the book

    surf a pliny!

    and damn, i haven't been to toronado in 15+ years

  4. you probably read it in latin, between grading calc. papers and tutoring a little genius. I can't even get to the bank and get gas in the same day.

  5. ha ha. litteraly...yesterday i had to write... bank, gas ...on my hand to remember to go to both places.

  6. I went to the bank, got gas, and managed to end up at the beer store all in the same day... However, this series of events may be a pattern occuring out of necessity.