Tuesday, October 20, 2009

High Pockets!!!

John Beasley sent me this via surfapig@live.com: "Pigish but is it truly a pig? Well, Im stoked as a big bag of stoked things regardless! It'll be a few months till she finds her way to Ireland but absolutely fucking delighted and gagging to surf it! Really looking forward to Jazz the glass, and I will pick up Invasion while Im at it off you! Any way, Good luck with the end of the editing Speak soon John"

i'd call that beauty a pig. i bet when it was made it was just called a surfboard though. after some questioning ..."She's 9'6 and other then that i know nothing. Tom at classic bing figures it was shaped in 63 as stock for their dealer in Hawaii and because of that it has slightly more rocker and the tail is a little more pulled in. The fin has been replaced, but it was a replacement bing fin that was put on it."...GOT DAM!!! NICE!!!!

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