Wednesday, October 28, 2009

stoke films SLIDE just did an article about Jazz the Glass and how David Potter and I got STOKE FILMS, LLc off the ground.  like you can smell the rain coming in the desert i can smell Jazz coming to fruition. JTG is a prequel to INVASION! from planet C. JTG has a darker message than INVASION!. INVASION! was all about "hey look! the earth has so much to offer. get out there and mine the stoke! before its too late!!". JTG is kind of like "Hey you FOCKING KOOK! get out of here!"  JTG has cursing and sexual innuendoes. If it were to be rated, I am sure it would be rated R or at least PG 13. Where as INVASION! was rated G or PG. anyway. I am ultra pumped on these flicks. JTG will be tighter and way further out there than INVASION! JTG is our sophomore project   at STOKE FILMS, LLc

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