Thursday, October 1, 2009

miles and the miles in front of him!!

my buddy miles hall cooper of Corpus Christi, TX is rolling out this way for Gene's get up. a nice time will be had for sure. I have made that drive to and fro texas more than I care to admit. there is a hill that looks like a perfect adolescent tit as you are going west on I10. nice of you to take the pic miles!! the thing reminds me of Missy (Melissa) Dawn Kinsler's back in '88 ( if she were laying on her back and I were standing kinda beside her). how is the color on this  board? INSANE!! This is what miles has to say: "Hola Cap’n BlackStoke,I’m driving thru West Texas and just passed Nipple Knob heading your dy-rek-she-own. I’m bringing this swinish specimen for your porcine pleasures. It’s a 10.4 Hunt El Gato.  Mine the Stoke! Regards, Miles" NICE!!!

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