Saturday, April 28, 2012

loving life!

this board has me grinning from ear to ear!! its such a fresh take on a familiar design. surfing is something we do. ...a lot...   when  my wife surprised me with my simmons replica it felt like such a fresh approach to riding a wave, nothing i'd surf all the time, but something to ride and get fresh perspectives every now and again. then i scored this board. it's crazy, it feels so familiar, yet just different enough to make you feel like surfing is more special than taking a hike. my feral pig is my trusted soul mate. when i'm on blackstoke II , i feel like i'm cheating on my bing!!!!  when i ride my bing after riding the simmons or this board, it shocks me how perfect that bing feels under my feet. that bing is such a solid all around functioning board. what a fortunate time!!!

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