Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an unusual circumstance

before matt calvani had faith in me, i commissioned ye ole blackstoke the 1st. a strange thing that day... perhaps i shouldn't say this. yet i am compelled. before i say what i am about to say... recall the title of this blog post.

upon delivery of ye ole blackstoke the 1st, mr. Andreini said:

"if you don't like it, i'll make you a new one, just trade this one in".

now... to a employed Human like myself, i thought:

' whatever, like I'd ever take you up on that'.

when the blackstoke was delivered i had a sesh with Marc. during that sesh, i felt the board was frictionless paddling, extremely fast, and very controllable from the nose portion of the board. however, the turning capacity of the board didn't sync with my approach that session. then, shortly after that I received a different board from someone else. that board caught my attention. i shelved ye ole numero uno.

then my boy hakenzeemander called me. i knew his approach would syncwith this board. well, i called it. after a strong go at ye ole numero uno....he now is frequently shredding one of marc's boards...a poor boy. in other words... i let my brother shred the fuck piss out of ye ole #1. after shredding and shredding and shredding my board, he ordered a new one from marc. my buddy is tough on decks. worse than me. in fact his nodules on his feet are legendary.

he blasted my board, yet i had the gumption to call mr. andreini and request that new one.

well, evidently Marc honors his word. behold ye ole numero dos!!!!