Sunday, April 15, 2012

noticed this stuff at my house today!

stoked to live where i do! every one needs a domesticated yard pig. in this case we have an olson compliments of IHH.
below is the derivation of the formula for the area of a circle. my buddy asked me to draw some math shit on my chalk board. so i did. this goes from the definition of a point to, to observing pi...using a bit of iterations... Q.E.D.


  1. That is one of the coolest proof's for the area of a circle i have ever seen. Think it would make a great little stop motion animation with voice over... now if you could use that to link back to wave motion that would be super surfy.

  2. Salty,

    that rocket launch was great! bet those fellas felt like champs!

    as for the circumference... i'm a sucker for these questions...i MUST... TAKE ....the ...bait.....

    what do you mean by "infinite circumference"?

    thanks sparrow! wave motion...hmmm...

    1. oh my pleasure mr black. If I was me, I would probably go back to the first drawing where you start to stitch the circle wedges together and move into another tangent as you can already start to see a sine curve forming. But I am a dumb physicist in the middle of a thesis write up and formal math proofs have never been a strong point.

  3. damn it!!!

    I'm it going to think about that right now!!!!!

    (secretly thinking about it)

  4. he he ha ha... my plan is now compleate.... bwah ha ha ha ;)