Saturday, April 21, 2012

maiden voyage!!

when i posted pictures and the story of how i came upon this board, i received many comments about the fin. a peanut gallery started. oh! that fin will do this! (mind you the people saying that have never ridden a board with this fin, much less this board with this fin. let the record show ye that wish to know how this board rides, show up at the san onofre bluffs between trail 3 and 4 on the weekend of June 22 - June 24. I will let you shred it.) i am not going to type words that describe my feelings about the way this board rode. I am not going to type words that describe what my perception of the fin's influence. ye that wants to know, come to the luau and giver a go.

I'm super stoked to have the boards I do. I'm sure everyone is stoked to own the boards they do. when I started this blog , I never thought I'd have the boards and the experiences I have today. I feel like everything has come together so nicely. every pig I have owned, or still own pushes my understanding that much further. this years luau should be great. I hope to see some new faces and a variety of pig boards!!!
Mark from stay covered picked up blackstoke I and took it to Marc. He also brought blackstoke II down the coast. He is making all kinds of surf products. He gave me some of his wax, I am currently using it. I am SUPER STOKED on it. I'll be buying it when i see it.

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  1. i will see you at the luau :-)
    keep up the good work and postin all the pig p*rn