Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gannet's Friedman Flyer!!

Gannet sent me this via
Hey Mike, been hatching ideas with local board builder Steve Friedman (Friedman Flyers). Steve started with Con Surfboards  runs his business doing everything from taking the order to taking payment  everything in between. His wife Jill keeps him organised. This baby is 9' 6", has a nose @ 16 1/2 wide point @  23+ way behind centre tail 16 3/4''. Really happy with smooth lines  rails. Shaped out of PU foam glassed in epoxy 2 x 6oz bottom 3 x 6oz top plus deck patch provides good weight heap of strenght, with typical Friedman resin tint on bottom. (Not trying to reignite the poly v epoxy debate)  Special thanks to Byron Bays Wayne the Fin Wizard for the classic D fin. Will report back when she hits the water. Gannet

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