Thursday, May 17, 2012

what it's all about!!!!!

J.W. sent me this via Hey Mike, I just wanted to tell you about poppin' my Pig cherry.Remember my friend Derek, the one with the custom colored Bing Feral Pig? Well last weekend we hosted an impromptu celebration of big boards, something we called 'Loggin' The Buck,' and Derek dragged his Bing to the beach.After a few hours Derek asked if I wanted to have a go. Hell yes I did! Paddled the pig out around sunset. There were 20+ people in the lineup. All of whom I know. First wave I went for was waist high. To the left. Smooth sailing. That big bastard drove down the line. Like a Cadillac. And I love Cadillacs. Took a few trips to the nose. Had everyone looking green with envy. Really complimented my surfing style. Arms up, throw the thing around, fast forward. Fuck. It was so much fun! I had Pig dreams that night. Paddling effortlessly into every wave. It's hard to explain, really. Like nothing else. I loved it. Bringing my Bing Elevator to the shop this afternoon in exchange for some credit toward a Feral Pig that should show up in a few weeks. Sold! That's it. Thought I'd share some stoke. A photo from my maiden voyage is attached. Me doin' the Duke Dangerpants. Waikiki style. Also, photos from our event can be seen on my blog. peanutbuttercoast Hope all is well on your end!
its post like that that put a huge smile on my face. thank you for sharing JW!!!!!

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