Wednesday, May 30, 2012

austrian piglet!

peter from Austria (that's right Austria , not Australia!) sent me this via
hello,my name is peter from austria, europe and I follow blog your since month. I love the traditional longboarding and the traditional longboards too. A few weeks ago, I ordered a pig style longboard from my shaper and here it is. I am sending you some pictures for your blog, if you like them! My Miss Piggy has the dimensions 9'1, 15 3/42, 22 3/4", 16 1/2", 3 1/2" convex bottom, convex deck, flat rocker and very soft bevelled rails. It is a board from one of the best european shapers. he is a german and has his shape room in peniche / portugal. it is fatum surfboards.

Wish I could be at pig luau, but it is too far away :-)
Picture with selfmade d-fin!
i absolutely love this posts! i'm so inspired by these submissions. thank you peter!! stoked for you!!! write me an email when you see me post my new surfapig shirts! i'll send you one!

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