Sunday, March 21, 2010

buford 3 years after he got away

David Potter and I have worked on some projects together prior to STOKE FILMS. back then it was david and speefnarkle. back in the speefnarkle days we filmed this story. when i say filmed ...i really mean filmed. david signed up for some class at an art school or something so he could get access to some turbo 16 mm camera he was ALL PSYCHED on. he would get F U C K I N G pissed if you messed up on a line. at least that is how i recall it. the logistics behind this project were INSANE. david had a group put together. we filmed in portland oregon. we built sets and staged a disco party. we drank a lot of yuban coffee. it was classic. david bought a few people's plane tickets. it felt like we might be becoming actors. i had a gnarly sinus infection the entire time. my voice sounds weird. this story is nutz. david had this friend that was super popular back in high school. this buddy accepted the part of kobak , the lead janitor. to practice for the part this guy learned how to flip plungers all about like he was tom cruz in that bar tending top gun style movie tom was in. anyway...this high school buddy didn't really understand his part...i mean although he had been practicing for the part...he was practicing the wrong shit. he just didn't get what his character was all about. eventually david had him "act robotic".

eventually we finished the script. david put a trailer together...that was that. we made this project in 2001. after the filming turned out that kobak never got out of his character, he had some kind of episode that involved breaking into some strangers house and sitting in their lazy boy drinking all the beer in their fridge. eventually the "stranger " got home and found him in the lazy boy...or something like that. any way some time spent in a "institution" followed for david's buddy. when the dude got out, david interviewed him. we are going to release kobak 6 janitors on acid eventually. the story is essentially about two feuding janitorial teams that are wanting to win this years "janitor team of the year" award. the "shit vipers" (my {hog ball's} janitorial team) needs to take down the competition (the "turd slayers" {kobak's} team). my team decides to spike the other team's coffee with acid. that backfires on us because the inspector that judges the event drinks some spiked coffee and has a good trip. we have some gorillas in the mix too.

here is a reminder about Jazz the Glass April 10th!

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