Friday, March 5, 2010

happy friday ...and a reminder!

Saturday April 10th (Ventura sacred craft weekend) we are going to have a show at the Bell arts studio in Ventura. We have the space from 6 - 10 pm. We will be showing Jazz the Glass at 8:30 . There will be more than a few COOPERFISH BLACKBOARDS to check out. kick back , have a chuckle, see some good surfing , and see some INSANE surfboards. SLIDE magazine will be there with their latest issue. we will have Jazz the Glass DVDs and shirts for sale. there will be some photography on display as well. more details to follow...
"to glassy point breaks and lazy tubes!!!"
a map from sacred craft to the art studio is below.
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  1. There's one essential element you seem to have forgotten: Beer. Will there be beer?

  2. we ain't forgot it. we just ain't advertising it as such.

    how we gunna have a show with out 10 gallons of beer per swab?