Monday, March 8, 2010

frank leriche's pigs!!

frank leriche sent me this via"Hi Mike,Thank you so much for your blog.It's great to see the pig family getting together.Here are some pics of two pigs i shaped recently.The 9'3 was inspired by a board by Gene Cooper. The 8'9 was a long time refection about having a board less than 9' i could knee paddle.(I'm 140lbs) So the pig outline came quickly to my mind because of the extra volume under the body when knee paddling. And also because i love the pigs.The bottom is not very piggish, flat botton and hard edge,but i keeped the max volume on the rails. The board is 8'9X 22 3/4 X 3 I can knee paddle very easily,and really had a blast surfing that pig in some nice waves. It needs a minimum of power to work and i 'm waiting for some bigger day to surf it again. It's not very easy to ride, and i need find the right place for the fin.But it's a very surprising board.My wife made some art work i really like.All the best,Franck"