Saturday, March 27, 2010

mustache 47

so before stokefilms i had this gig with speefnarkle. this is the type of shit that is mostly insane...but some of it is FUNNY. every now and again i'll be posting shit from them days. i sent a departmental memo to the archive department of STOKE FILMS, LLc that had them contact the archive department at speefnarkle. their team pulled these episodes. I had my people contact their people in an effort to demonstrate how STRICTLY professional we are. for this mustache treatise we wanted to portray a low budget, highly conceptual , post sophomore high school year feel. we nailed it!
in this episode my character (duke stone) lands a mustache.

below lance sidewinder (casanova) talks about what it means to be a mustache pilot.

perez gets a maintenance call from magnum

puke goes hunting

puke succumbs to the mustache and finger-guns his way to "sport"

and etches love notes on the turds of a worm.

i've come looking for stone...shoehorn has been abducted.

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