Monday, September 5, 2011

a few harbors and a bird of prey.

my buddy jason (whom brought this gem to my attention) is good friends with Tim Stamps. i have seen a pig or two shaped by Tim. this board is TITS (that link is a link to a ton of harbor boards)!!! its a fine line to draw... a bunch of panels and what not. i feel the off set thing is not as easy to pull as it seems. you see a board like this one, and it seems natural...however, back in the day, those panels were used to cover up blemishes in the less than consistent foam. today it's just an homage to the pigs of that era.

here is another one. i saw this one a year or more ago. i am not sure why i didn't post it then... either way, its nice to see this kind of range.

my buddy jason is a falconer.

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