Thursday, September 29, 2011

"matt the magician", and the one board quiver.

this is the best surfboard i have ever seen or touched or surfed. period. strangers and non surfers are telling me that my surfing is "beautiful" when riding this board. i have had beach walkers say that to me on two separate occasions. random shortboarders are going out of their way to chat with me about the board, and my surfing on it. i am in shock that a board can function like this. i am generally enthusiastic about new surfboards...and every surfboard has a feeling that is worth being enthusiastic about...but this here bing feral IS the best functioning surfboard i have ever had under my feet. so stoked to own this board. and to surf it in these waves this morning! it is a great feeling to bring boards to a skilled craftsman and tell him how those boards rode in the conditions i rode them in, and then...have him keep that in mind while we discuss numbers...and then have this board be birthed. i was stoked just looking at it, then when i felt it in my hand, i was experiencing the effortless turns, the speed, the stability, the nose rides... this is THE pig.


  1. Mike! I am stoked for you & Matt & this holy grail moment. Radness. I reckon you only ever find a few truly magical surfboards in a lifetime. I'm happy you've found yours. Yew!

  2. Cheers Nathan! Every time I come off the bottom I am reminded of matt's deep knowledge in fin design and surfboard design.

    SO STOKED!!!