Tuesday, September 27, 2011

why i love pig boards.

this shot sums it up. i see this dudes face , and all i can think is "acupulco gold, or maui wow-ee" or what ever they were chuffin back in the day. i'm not sure if he even knows he is holding a pig instead of the pocket rocket he had been riding at the santa monica pier just the last swell. maybe i am totally off. maybe he IS smiling like he just ate peyote because he is holding a pig. i would be. that board is classic. electrical tape...not duct tape. electrical tape. the thing about a pig...a proper pig, it's gong to maintain it's essence even if you have electrical tape on the nose. that board under this dude's arm still trimmed, still cutback, and probably still gave him a bit of a nose ride by the break wall.
thanks jason for the link!

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