Thursday, September 22, 2011

the bing feral pig!!!!!!

oh my!!! the shape of the rail... the shape of the bottom... the subtle consistent rocker, balanced with the weight. i have never picked up a board and had it sing to me like this one does. 10' , 3 5/16" thick (i'm 205 lbs), wide point 6" back, 16 1/4" nose, 16 3/4" tail. it has been such and honor and pleasure to bring boards to a talented craftsman and explain my experiences on the previous boards. i am not one to say this particular design element contributes to this functionality. i feel many elements contribute to a boards functionality. some design elements contribute to one function attribute more than any other design element that much is certain...but once you think of how each design element inner acts with each other...entropy! at least in my mind. so to design this board, i brought many of my boards to matt calvani at BING SURFBOARDS and told each boards story (how it functioned in what conditions). he felt the boards. we talked numbers...and the BING FERAL PIG was born. it is shocking to feel this board under my arm. it feels like what i might have come up with if i could magically create what my mind is looking for.


  1. thanks Gents! i am super stoked to say the LEAST!!!

    Dave, a ride report to follow shortly. I picked her up Tuesday, my wife wouldn't let me sleep with her these past few nights, and i have been swamped with work ever since i picker her up. not to mention we have family in town!!!!

    she will be surfed tomorrow or Sat. at the LATEST!

    d423bd92-e450-11e0-85a4-000bcdcb8a73 , you name is genius...and the fact that when you post a comment you post "genius"!!