Friday, June 1, 2012

Mino moon tail and a beautiful BING!

ct sent me these via
Hello Mike, My name is CT, long time reader, first time emailer, I'm originally from Northern California where I first began surfing. We were plagued with ubiquitous and perennial frigid waters. Good breaks for longboarding were few and far; the crowds were agro locals and it was difficult to surf anything bigger than a retro fish. When I moved down to San Diego to attend uni, one of the first thing I did was pick up a single fin scoop nose, a 9'2 I believe and have been on logs ever since. I've been fortunate enough to experience breaks like Cardiff Reef, Swamis, San O, and Blackies and Malibu. Though I'm not adverse to any shapes, I do have a preference for Pigs, the plaining just feels smoother than your average Cal Classic longboard. I've been through so many pigs I can't count, but now the quiver is down to 2. Attached pictures are of my moon-tail girls. First is a 9'8 Mino Suzuki (a pretty underground shaper of Newport). It has small double-cross stringers, a flat bottom and upward rail, her general outline is more narrow than your average velzy, making her pretty streamline down the line. She usually has a fat old skeg fin along side her heavy volan glassing. My other board is my daily beach breaker, a 9'4" bing, looks to be shaped in the Calvani era. She has a scoop nose and a moontail as well, beach breaks are a bit dumpier so she has a thinner medium rake flex fin. Thanks for sharing your time and experience, the blog is loads of fun and I read it avidly. 

Maybe I'll catch you at the luau this year.

ct, thank you for the pics! those are beautiful! i hope to see you at the luau! it's great to see these variations! below is the BING!

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