Thursday, June 28, 2012

david, grant and rob sent some boards!

david sent me the this via

Included are a couple photos of an old pig i bought for 100 bucks, shaper unknown.  Thanks, man.

David Sikorski

grant newby sent me this via

Hi Mike,

 I hope you have a great Luau today and look forward to your report. Just wanted to share a board I shaped and delivered today. A 10ft 6" x 24" x 3 1/2" -  "Alley Slider" for Paul Chapman at Currumbin Alley here on the Gold Coast. Long concave from the nose through to the wide point then a nice roll through the tail with a flip. A custom Hatchet foiled by Wizz in Byron Bay and a great glass job and custom art spray by Peter Mo here on the Gold Coast. Paul was pretty happy with the outcome and looking forward to sliding a few at the Alley. We won't miss him.

Rob Royal sent me the following via

here's the full spread... some real cool shit going on with these boards...

the makaha ones are actually in numerical sequence, and I think 6" difference in length. The rails are bladed, and the pinch leads to a point in the apex. And how rad is that fin?!

The O'Neill is your run of the mill for the era, with full dough nut round rails, and is unfortunately opaque paneled, so there's no visible marking anywhere. Looks narrow though, and is probably still a barrel of monkeys to ride.

Anyway, thought you'd get a kick out this, as I did.

Thanks again for such a great event, and hope to catch up for a surf sometime soon,

thank you all for the contributions! those boards look great!

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