Sunday, June 10, 2012

getting close...

this weekend has been great! the summer is kicking off!! i'm so incredibly stoked!!! it's been a great year. a healthy family, and great times ahead!!!  i had a great time at matt's birthday yesterday. i had a great sesh at sliders this morning, despite the chunk ( gotta love my feral pig!) as the luau grows nearer i am humbled by this year's roll call. so much so, i thought i'd type up a quick little tid bit concerning how this year seems to be shaking out. at the campsites, there are not many places to sit. so, it's worth bringing a camp chair or something. also...the particular sites we are at do not have a tremendous amount of shade. i am not planning on getting some tacky "quick pop up" shade thingy. our campsites have a bit of a cliff wall right behind them with some bushes. i plan on having boards scattered about in a pig pen / pig stye of sorts under the bushes along this bit of cliff wall. i have a stand for a board to be put on and checked out, but we certainly don't have the hut to lean them up against. friday should be fairly low key. getting there, getting settled. i suspect saturday will be "THE" day. we'll be taking the pig off ready to eat around noon saturday. we'll be surfing all through out the weekend. i'll have at least half a dozen INSANE pigs there. i am happy to go out and have a surf with some one and let them ride one of my pigs while i am out.

i've got the shirts for this year. my beautiful wife modeling "palm" pictured below, we also have a light tan color. i asked my boy jason a to make me this "ho dad" design. he nailed it. my boy sean printed them. stoked to know the people i do! anyone that was at last years event knows i gave all the shirts away i had. i was stoked to be able to do that. this year i haven't had the luxury of the "abundant" shirts we had last year. be that as it may, i'm stoked to have what we have.

i am not selling anything at this year's gathering. i'm guessing some people might sell a board or something at the gathering, but that is not my agenda. i spend money at this gathering, not make money.  that being said, if you'd like to throw us a bone for the pig or a would be appreciated! if you can't afford to, but really want a taco , and a to me! we'll handle it! ...kam approves!!!!

the long story short is... this gathering isn't an "industry event"... it's more of a "hod dad hang out".


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