Friday, June 8, 2012

that's the stuff danny boy!!! (and a wee pit of hodge podge)

my buddy dan. either on his andreini poor boy, or his carson. standing tall on a pig.

i'm really getting pumped as we near the luau. this year's is going to be unreal!!!! i received this email from andy (the anchored) the other day: Hey Mike, sitting on me arse last night when it hits me! I should make a pig in time for the fest! Picked up the supplies today on my lunch break and plan on cranking on it tonight.  Going to make it a littler more chippish just because I want to take elements of that Terry Martin Chip I have and apply it into this one.  Plan on it being a little more "modern" I guess since the blank has a generic 1/4'' stringer and I'll be using a fin box, but it'll be wrapped up in heavy 8oz volan. I might steal a logo from the flyer and throw it on there. It'll be the "community" board if anyone needs a ride for the day. 
See you in a couple weeks man! So stoked! 

my buddy sean at forward screen printing just sent me the photos below!!!!

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