Thursday, June 7, 2012

john cherry!!!!!!

john cherry sent me this in regard to a client of his that shares my name via

Hi Mike,

I walked into the shaping bay this morning and got a fresh look at “Marine”.
When you first asked for a traditional, early-60’s pig template……with a concave nose, a step deck and a little extra tail rocker…I honestly first thought, “Mike in Singapore is asking me to mix apples and oranges here.”
Using the original Gordie template for the main template plan and blending the wider Velzey tail into the last 18”(+-) produced a superb modern pig shape.

When I picked up the board to move it outside for a couple photos, I instinctively grabbed it in the center.  It was then that it became apparent to me how effectively we moved the balance point aft of center 5 or so inches (wide point is actually 3” aft of center), how light the nose feels with the big wood and the tailblock in the back......and how this minor weight shift is going to counter-balance your slight weight when you are on the nose.  Combined with the subtle concave, the 50/50 rails and the extra tail rocker (just enough, not too much) you are going to have to pack a lunch to bring with you just for one nose ride!

When you are enjoying your 30 second nose rides at your secret spot in Bali, gliding on glassy waves, watching the reef pass underneath, dragging your hand in the crystal lip beside you……think of me.  It will give me much joy and I know I will feel it, even way over here in Southern California.
I may not see this board again after it goes tom Moonlight.  PLEASE send me some photos of you and “Marine when you have her.  Some surf shots would be even better.
“Marine” is wood-burned into the cedar stringer.
Thank you for thinking of me to make your vision for this cool board design become a reality.  It brightened my spirit.
Much Aloha Bro,

for which mike replied:

 Hi John, I am so stoked that "Marine" came out exactly what I had envisioned her to be!! I am very thankful for yr patience & detailed explanations on how each design element of this board should be shape in order to complement 1 another. Yr attention to details are second to none so far I have experienced!! Even thou I am 16hrs time zone ahead of u, I felt that I was there at yr shaping bay when u take me thru each of the shaping process w/ yr emails & photos... That what make ordering a custom surfboard so special!! :) Now that "Marine" is in the expert glassing hands of the moonlight crew & with yr approval of her glassing setup, she gonna be a looker as much as a worker. Pics will definitely be shared when she is done glassing, trim-glide & slide in the warm crystal clear water in the East Indies archipelago.. Yr spirits will always be in this board. Once again, THANK U for materializing my vision. Mike

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