Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dano hog shred!

Here is the above board in action!


  1. This little piggy shreds all the way home... even left at malibu! Rad Blog Mr. Black.

  2. MIKEY!!

    Who'd a thunk Malibu was a left?!

    Got any pics of that Velzy of yours?

  3. Oh yea bro... we've been going left at the Bu' fer years ... see Hugh Everett's Multi-verse theory of quantum mechanics. Nope, no pics of the wonder-pig. 9' 6" pinched and rolled with a big ass. Wonder why I ever sold it. In all the logs since, that pig stands as the most fun in the widest variety of conditions. The Old Hawk told me in person that "my boards designed in the 50's were the best surfboards ever shaped and if anyone disagrees they can kiss my ass." He was kind of a dick... in a good way.

  4. great pics maing!!! somebody should start givin you these for free from now on!!!!!!!!!!!!1