Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jim "the Genius" Phillips

Jim Phillips rules.

I have a 10' Lance Carson "classic 60's pin tail" that I am trading with Jim Shank. My Carson is in Very Good condition. It is an amazing board. It surfs really well. If I were not obsessed with Pig's this trade would not even have been a thought. Fortunately I am, and fortunately Jim Shank knows a good board when one is in front of him.

I originally declined the offer to trade due to needing cash. I am STOKED things have worked out the way they have. After hearing Gene Cooper speak very highly of Jim phillips and after seeing so many of his INCREDIBLE mind blowing boards, and after reading about his history... I have been VERY interested in sliding one.


Below is what Jim Shank had to say about his then "new board" :

"I picked up my new custom 9'10" semi-pig from Jim Phillps today. It was exactly what I've been wanting for so long. 16.5" nose (downrail kinda like the Con Wingnose), 23.5" wide (wide point pulled back about a foot), 17" tail with a beautiful John Cherry old style D fin about 2.5" up. Jim said his template was taken from an old Velzy-Jacobs balsa pig. Walker "Old Man" foam and a big T-band stringer (balsa/redwood). Double 8 oz. Volan both sides. No leash attachment. Rocker is pretty mellow/flat but with some kick right in the tail. 50/50 rails except down in the nose. Thanks Jim for the bitchen board! I can't wait to trim some walls at Malibu."

With that I too say thank you Jim, but I am actually saying it to two Jim's!

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