Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Used Hobie pigs!

craigslist has some nice pigs every now and again. I just wish people would take proper pictures!


"Here is a classic original owner 9' 4" HOBIE longboard. Last used around 1980. Has 1" single redwood stringer and tail block. Sloid wood original skeg. Early Dana Point decal. Purchased around 1963-1965 if my memory serves me right. Seems like cost was around $100 - $125! Serial number is 19617, which I think is a fairly early number. Has the usual dings some of which need to be repaired, but it's in better shape than most I have seen from this era. The blank has yellowed, but it's a nice mellow yellow! This was my second surfboard, the first one my dad and I made in our garage in 1961 with a clark foam blank from Abe Schuster Fiberglass in Oakland. I sold my woodie wagon, some years ago, but could not part with this great old board at the time. Now it's time to set it free!" 


60's Vintage Hobie longboard Surfboard

"60's Hobie longboard 9', great shape for age , no major damage, nose has never been repaired the color is under the glass. has serial number. $700"  


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