Thursday, June 25, 2009

hawaii craigslist > oahu

My buddy Colin from Hawaii emailed me the link to this craiglist post. Here is the email: . This post is SUPER CLASSIC! :
Velzy Surfboards - $1 (Mililani)
I have two Velzy surfboards for sale. The first on is 9' 11" with a squash tail and a wood tail block. I have surfed this board at Sunset (only 4' but the bowl was working) as well as Canoes and Bowls. Super great paddling board. It is signed by Dale Velzy on the stringer. Very good condition. The second board is 9' 5" 'Flying V'. It is a squash tail and has a wood tail block and is signed by Dale Velzy on the stringer too. This board is in very good condition too. I am asking $750.00 per board. The photos are of the orange 9' 11' Velzy (the other longboard next to the Velzy is a 1969 Bunger in which I might consider selling for an offer I can't refuse). I also have a couple of Skip Frye boards for sale but I think they will be sold shortly.

Good lookin out COLIN!


  1. Just got word from homeboy that the board is still available. He's on the mainland until July 2. I'm gonna go check it when he returns.

  2. Laurie Mazzoli. I am 5'2" 120 pounds beginner surfer Kalapaki Waikiki waves. 57 year old woman. Wanted a soft top but are too expensive. Long board approximately 9 feet. Will you ship?