Friday, June 19, 2009

This little piggy went to Steiny's this little piggy stayed home.

Steiny from sent me this via Thanks Steiny!
" hi mike- the dano is actually 9'9". i think it was one of the first pignars- it was made for my friend who never clicked with it and he gave it to me. my son and i rode it for a year or so and gave it to a friend a while back. he gave it back to us last month.
the weber is a 1964 stock model. i've been told harold iggy shaped it. we had one like it when we were kids- i caught my first stand up waves on it at zuma in 1971- i think it came from our friend helmut. then when i was living in santa barbara in 1979 my girlfriend gave me one like it- it had been her's- she got it from a neighbor near LAX. this one my wife bought of a guy in the water at cowells in 1995. it was waiting for me on the lawn when i came home from work. my wife is a peach! all three webers were 9'6" and all three had the diagonal stripe and same lam set up. they must have made a lot of them- i see ones like it here and there.
thanks for the pig blog- i totally dig it!
warm regards, steiny"

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