Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jim Phillips pt 2

Balsa Bill posted this on a thread I started over at swaylocks. Thought I'd post it here for those of you that aren't over there. Here is what Balsa Bill had to say about it :
"Shaped for me by Jim Phillips last year. 9'11 semi pig. Current personal rider. Custom chambered. 26 lbs."
Super NICE!!

My buddy Miles from Corpus Christi, Tx sent me the picture below. What the F-U-C-K? That board on the left is hard to wrap your head around. Then you see what is happening on the right!
WoW! Miles wrote the following about his experiences with that board :

"I wanted the fancy stringer work that Jim does and that board came out to be 32.5 lbs at 10’8” in length. It’s not quite the paddler I was expecting with all that weight but is still fun and I’ve only had it out a handful of times. I had one almost chest high wall that I was noseriding in a parallel stance 2” from the tip so it would be interesting to see what someone who knew what they were doing could do on it."

The ever humble Miles has some more shots of this amazing Pig. I'll be updating this post later.

Thanks Miles!!

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