Thursday, November 5, 2009

balsa bill surfs a jp pig at a secret spot!

Andrew D brought this to my attention. Jim Phillips shaped this for Balsa Bill. Andrew said "This is a board Jim built a few years ago, before my pig, for Balsa Bill Yerkes.   Balsa Bill said this about it: "Surfing my Jim Phillips shaped squaretail made from a Clark heavy pour "classic" blank with a custom 3" balsa stringer and who should show up but Will Lucas with his video camera. I decided to intercut the video footage with some Super 8 film I shot from the board with my Nautica underwater movie camera."


  1. Gnargnar, just wait to see what Marc dropped off for me... You'll have to come up to the 'Shire and give it a ride sometime. It weighs in at out 32+ pounds.

  2. ooohhhh fuck.

    god dam it!!!

    dude, i rode my buddy tim elsner's "golden log" FUCK.

    i will take you up on that. please send some photos.

  3. As soon as I'm coherent enough to operate technology I will do so - as of the past few days all I have been able to do is pop boners and drag the heavy sob up and down the beach.

  4. that looks just like home. i'm pretty sure i know where that is. i wish you'd come out here dood.