Wednesday, November 25, 2009

cooperfish blackboard! its going to be SSIICCCKKKK!!!!

today i surfed rincon with some old friends and then went to gene's shop to shape the first prototype cooperfish blackboard. what a day! this board is coming together so beautifully. i am so lucky. i feel honored to have the life i do. "...need i say TITS!" 

ryan smith editor of SLIDE magazine showed up and shot these pix. thank you ryan! always nice to see you. GOOD EYE!


  1. Hey Mike. Nice. I particularly like the third shot. Got to love those hips. platty.

  2. Mike, please excuse me for not getting pictures to you... As I have been unable to operate these technical things for quite some time. The Blakcboard is looking good, however, I regretfully must inform you that 'Blackboard' is strictly copywritten by my very-own signature black surfing device. If you wish to contest this challenge, I will gladly play you a game of Cee-Lo (dice) for the rights to obtaining pure awesomeness. As for now, I will only acknowledge your 'blackboard' as the 'anti-white-board-which-isn't-quite-the-blackboard-because-it-ultimately-cannot-amount-to-the-awesomeness-that-is-Nigel S. Peppercock's-blackboard"

    And with this, I formally serve you.
    Good day sir, and good riddance.

    Nigel S. Peppercock

  3. thanks platty!!

    nigel, dude that video of the drunk in the store "gravity, why do you hate me so?" that shit killed me. send me those pix muther fuCCCKKKER!!

  4. Mr Black the pictures look awesome . I've already spoken to Gene about shaping me a Cooperpig Blackboard in the new Year and can't wait to see the finished product . I'm loving my pigs at the moment and one made by Gene will be just about the best you can get . Keep the pictures comin'.

  5. Sick board cant wait to see photo's when complete

  6. Black. Always bitchen to chat with you, bro. Many thx for letting me poach a shoot out of your initial Blackboard shape session. Hope you scored some good surf while you were in Ventucky. I scored a secret spot session today up north. Soooooo clean. But some kook killed my Pavel quad today. Dunzo. Fuuuucking Kooooooooks!!!!!!

  7. glad you scored Ryan. i'm sorry to hear about that board. WE KILL KOOKS!!!