Saturday, November 28, 2009

ventura and santa barbara...NICE!!!

gene shot this pic of me while i was watching david pu'u shoot chris vail surf a 10'7" c2 gun. 
hope everyone is having a nice thanksgiving. i am thankful for friends , family, and life.
check out the shot of CHRIS on this thing HERE (photo 20)


  1. Gnar gnar, mister black, i met you out in the water and at sacred craft through mr elsner. I was curious about the board that gene is making for you. What will be different about it? Traditional pig with zomething different? Also, I know you've commented on getting some good tylers for cheap. Have you ever ridden a triple 7? I rode tyler's personal board for a little over a month and i have to say it sure rides like a pig with a more user friendly nose.

  2. greetinigs! i have never ridden a tripple 7 but they look super clean. With the COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD we are going for tradition. This board is closer to a '58 surfboard in template than anything. We kept the width at 22' and have the wide point 12 inches back or so. A full rail. a rolled belly under the meat , and a flattish nose. I have been riding a TON of different pigs. I have been thinking about pigs. Gene is a craftsman, and a functional board builder. we should have one for inspection at Dec 12th's premier of Jazz the Glass in Costa Mesa.