Thursday, November 5, 2009

old beater that Kai surfs

my buddy Ross of rincon sent me this via I love this. this board is LEGIT. boards like this used to get thrown into dumpsters back in the 70's and 80's. THANKS ROSS! godd on ya KAI!
"Yo Mike, Came across a neat pig the other day and thought I'd send it your way.  You may have seen it before, as it belongs to our friend Kai from San Clemente.  She scored it at Basham's and rides it regularly.  Judging solely by the looks of it, I remember the board being around 9'4"ish in length, sporting an opaque blue hotcoat with no logo, and delivering just the right dose of heavy.  Sorta reminded me of the Bing before she got cleaned up.  I wonder if there's a secret gem hiding under there? Hope all is well, looking forward to JTG!!  Take care amigo. -Ross"

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