Wednesday, September 22, 2010

cheyne skasic's terry martin chip.

cheyne sent me this: Hey Mike after regretting throwin the fin that I did on the malibu chip I had Jeff Beck from Ninelights surfboards hand foil a new bigger more fitting fin for my Terry Martin 1958 chip. He did a impeccable job. Fin looks like it was on the board from the get go and looks beautiful. Took the board out this morning and there is a noticable differerence in the feel....really livened the board up. Think I'll have this board till I die....also side note if you surf pigs why not have um tattooed on your feet haha I get all my work done up at Idle Hands in San fran by Cris Clean. He worked up these two numbers for my feets. Based off a old Maritime tradition that said if you had a Rooster on your left foot and pig on your right it was good luck for not drowning due to the animals being the only ones to survive ship wrecks due to them floatin ashore in wooden crates...thought you'd might enjoycheers keep up the awsome site


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