Thursday, September 9, 2010

Para Venda/ For Sale!

Rui over at magic quiver sent me a link to this sapphire of a pig! check this thing out!!! this is what he had to say:Hi MIke, Hope all is good with you. After your last e-mail, after more reading and investigation, Nico went for a new Pig, this time with a glass on skeg and no concaves. Take a look. hope you like it. Take care Rui Ribeiro
and to that, i have to say...JOB WELL DONE. this thing looks beautiful. whoever buys this thing ...please send me some pics of it being ridden.



  1. Thanks for your support Mike. That one came out amazing. Hard not to keep it for myself!

  2. cheers Rui!

    i bet that is the case!

  3. not sure if I would call that shape a "pig" in the traditional sense, none the less it's a beatiful board.


  4. oak foils...its just a pig with "big ears".