Friday, September 3, 2010


my father in law bought my wife and i a new bar-b-q/ smoker. the thing is legit!
i am about to make a texas style brisket with it. it has been WAY to long since i have been out to my parents patch in the hill country. its times like this i miss my buddy charlie lanz. he knew how to make a serious brisket and a serious sauce. heroin is for suckers.


  1. Hell YEAH! Lone Star and Bullets!

  2. fuck dude, i aint shitting you. strait.

  3. I have a fresh 24 pack with your name on it! when can meat muppet come out and play?

  4. NO! on meat munchkin! dude, don 't even say his name!!!

    I'm missing you boys salty. we need to catch up.