Wednesday, September 22, 2010

jesse watson's made a 9'6" semi pig/velzy style outline!

jesse sent me this via thought you might like to see some shots of a new log i did, its a 9'6 semi pig/velzy style outline, its 3 1/8" but super bladey in the rails. full rolled bottom no concaves. glass on 11 1/2" rudder fin i'd like to have this one in my quiver, but its not gonna happen

cheers jesse! thanks for the contribution!


  1. Nice one Jesse , look forward to chasing you down on the Alley Slider. Grunt on....

  2. Hey Mike, Jesse is a good mate of mine. I'm sure you could sniff something fishy about that darn fin he put on the board. This dude is making the "Don Mateo" Hull as well and is my first ever signature board. Stoked!!!!

  3. EPIC! matt.

    i wrote Jesse back, saying what my experiences were on a foiled rail, wide point aft, bellied bottom, wide tail block, with a pivot style rudder more than 2 inches up. i hope to get a ride report.

    the board looks great.

    stoked for you brother!

  4. Loved the wide tail instead of the usual pinched in shape, how wide is it here?