Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day!

i went to 3 different cities to get everything put together for this simple meal. laguna beach for the whole foods there, san clemente for the brisket, and my neighborhood market for all the shit i forgot. i have never really been into cooking too much, so i had to stock the kitchen with various little items like molasses , spices, and what not. that was Saturday. i woke up early Sunday with one mission. make a brisket and sauce that charlie lanz would think he made (if he wouldn't have o.d. on heroin 4 years ago. {R.I.P. charlie FUCKER!!}). well, i sure was stoked on how it came out. initially the missus said "5 lbs! that is alot of meat!" i replied: "sweet heart look at the brisket not my ____". Then she saw the brisket and said: "5 lbs! thats alot of meat!" i explained to her that we won't have any left over's by the end of Monday. She just kind of rolled her eyes dismissively. well here it is Monday at 11:15 a.m. ..we have NONE left. straight murdered it! just finished the scramble with brisket, potatoes, cheese and eggs.
well, thank the pullman strike i guess.
our dogs have it rough! (how is that Lance Carson classic 60's pintail back there!)
check the video!


  1. I too, have filmed beer. More than once.

  2. Looks awesome. Congrats on your first SoCal/TX brisket. And while I don't think I've FILMED beer, I've certainly gotten a nice film on my mouth from one. Or five. $^D

  3. Hey there Mr Black. Are they Border terriers ? Well cool. Terriers RULE.

  4. cheers jon, wish you shared some of it with me!

    these scoundrels are brussels griffon. they seem to be a terrier met a pug.
    amazing animals!

  5. A terrier met a pug , a few beers , and hey presto. Lots of character.