Saturday, February 5, 2011

cheyne's flex PIG!

these boards are INSANE! just looking at this picture makes me jealous!!! then i remember i have one, then i remember Gene and I are buddies that collaborate!!!
then i am fucking PSYCHED!!!!


  1. in love with it after the first wave the weight, the flex, the board is so lively with the flex

  2. NICE!!!!

    you are PSYCHED to pick one of these up. i swear the more you spend time on it, the more you figure out the nuances...the more you feel honored to glide it. at least that is how i have been feeling. it is a board that stands alone in any quiver. the materials and the shape give it such a distinguished glide

    i was just looking at mine after posting your pics up. my deck is still in the shape it was the day i picked the board up.


    i usually give my boards pressure dings or healies or something. my board has no pressure dings ANYWHERE. totally unusual for any board i have ever owned.

  3. Gnar, I would like you to know I just ordered me up one. 9'7" with one them there rice fins. I am Stoked and we are going to Blast the shite out of them at Sliders.