Sunday, February 6, 2011


mateo ... surfapig's australian corespondent sent this to me via Gnar~ I remember sharing those early morning paddle out session where it's still dark. You feel peaceful but a bit spooked due to the lack of crowd and stillness. Pure Magic. I just read this book by Bob Mctavish called Stoked. It is amazing how uncrowded life was back then. This picture tells you everything you need to know of the era.


  1. Hi Mike. "Stoked" is a good read. We have been going up to Noosa for a week or so for the past five years. Only 7 weeks before this years trip. Every time we walk down the hill into Nationals, I have to stop and check the view from where that image was taken. I recon that gum treee is still there.I'm pretty sure I have a shot taken from the same spot. I'll dig it up and send it over.platty.

  2. nice one platty! send it over, that would be great!

  3. I can't find it mike. In fact I can't find any of last years Noosa images. I'll keep looking.