Saturday, February 26, 2011

cooperfish blackboard flex pig!! PRICE CHANGE!!!!

from gene's web site:Now that we’ve got it dialed I have dropped the price to pass on the savings. The last batch were delivered with this price adjustment and I’m in touch with those that got the first run to make sure that the first Flexpig customers don’t feel slighted. At the same time I raised the price of the Ricefin option since I now know how long each panel takes me to build.
Originally conceived with the idea of making a pig that has the feel of balsa(with a dense core and a lighter shell), and flex to give it more life and some noseriding advantage, the Flexpig has met and exceeded my expectations. I believe that this is a very unique product and I’m super happy about the reception I’ve gotten from Flexpig riders. I’m looking forward to concentrating on building these boards along with the Speedhulls. You’ll find that the wait time on both of these models will be greatly reduced in the near future.

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