Thursday, February 10, 2011

tomorrow is my birthday!

i always call my mom and thank her on my birthday. it is as much of a day for her as it is for me. it's been a busy and beautiful week around here. hope you are getting some!
i am getting organized over here, I am about to announce more details concerning a pig get together ( down here in south OC) scheduled for some time in late june. A lua? A pig roast? A big pile of pig boards at the beach for all to check out and compare...what?


  1. may drag a 62 weber cross country and do a couch surfing trip, phuq yeah. I will not break my ass this time, I will not break my ass this time, I will not break my ass this time.

  2. happy birthday, enjoy your special day

    thanks for your efforts to this blog

  3. Happy birthday for tomorrow Mike. It's a bit far for me to come for a weekend of pigery. I look foward to seeing the photos of people piging out.

  4. Thank you Platty! You know I will post some pics! I hope to meet you someday!

  5. Well Gnar first happy Bday big fella and second I am looking forward in the pig fry ( kinda like Fish fry but fatter ) Plus drinking ale with one of my best mates. Going to be Sick!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Mikegnar! Get piggy on your pigday. btw you have the same birthday as my mom.

  7. Happy happier Happiest piggy birthday!

  8. Mr Plowhand,

    email me your dates for being over here. I am wanting to hear from you before I announce the exact details.



    Thank you ! I hope I will! btw that means your mom has the same birthday as Kelly Slater (by the law of Syllogism)! Radical!


    Cheers! Thank you!

  9. happy birthday mike- big shakas and the taco lifestyle to you. peace and love to your mom.
    ol' uncle steiny