Tuesday, April 5, 2011

hodge podge! Tuesday style!!!

My buddy Takshi and Junko sent me the email below :
Dear friends,

The editors of surfing media and snowboarding media are organizing a relief net auction to raise money for victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. All sales from this auction go directly to Japanese Red Cross Society. We are therefore collecting the items which will be listed on this site. We hope you will understand this and we would be grateful if you'd donate something to this charity auction.

*Plan : net auction. A bilingual website. Open to all. Participants from abroad are welcomed.
*Period: planning from April 10 to April 30
*Charity: all sales from this auction will be donated to Japanese Red Cross Society after May.

*Please send us the following items via e-mail by the end of March if you agree to this proposal.
1. photos of an item; whole image and details of an item
2. a photo of face of an auction's supporter who donates an item
3. message to the victims from the supporter

*Welcome items; surfboard, art, photograph and so on. Example: Something like rare items, high-value-added items, collector's items, boards with art and etc. Some professional surfer and professional snowboarder donated their memorial boards which were used when they won the contests.
We will let you know about the shipping of items later.

We are appealing to as many friends as possible to consider being supporters of this relief auction. Thank you for your time and attention.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Takashi and Junko Tomita

I sent them the photo below. Mike Hynson, 1961
Jason Arnold sent me the photos below. toronado!


  1. it is. i love that photo. for years that has been my "leroy grannis" photo. I mean there are classics out there...but this is THE classic ...to me. everything about the photo screams "southern california surfing early 60's".

  2. Big board, no leash, glitter on the water, perched on that big log, yes southern california early 60's.