Wednesday, April 20, 2011

orate brothers!!!! sliding their days away!

ray orate sent me this via
heres a photo of my car window on my 92' civic! 30 miles a gallon! yeww..also a lifestyle photo of our porch.also i have some great footage of the JAZZ THE GLASS skull that we stenciled on a tail of a old longboard that we stripped the glass off of and turned into a mini sims thingamajigg.we take the tail everywhere..kinda like wilson in that movie cast away!haha
we sent you some info a few months back about 'Sliding my days away" a film i'm puttin together of me and my brother as wells as some key bredren that shred.. i have some updated footage i would like to send ya.i'll send some clips asap for you check out.

these dudes shred! ray, please send me more footage. stoked to see this project come together! thanks for the update!!!!

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